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Fortresses and Museums


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There are many places in Šibenik and Šibenik-Knin County where you can experience Croatian history, heritage and culture.

St Nicholas’ Fortress

Distance from Jadrija: 1 km

St James Cathedral in Šibenik

One the most important architectural achievement of the 15th and 16th century in Croatia, protected by UNESCO

Distance by car from Jadrija: 14 km

Memorial Center Faust Vrančić on island Prvić

Faust Vrančić is a famous Croatian inventor who invented first functional parachute

Fortress of culture Šibenik – Barone

Distance by car from Jadrija: 14 km

Archaeological site of Danilo Gornje

One of the most significant archaeological sites in Croatia
Distance by car from Jadrija: 29 km

Etnoland Dalmati

Family run historical and cultural site just next to the Krka National Park
Distance by car from Jadrija: 33 km